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"The Glassy Lass" Sea Glass Jewelry

Welcome to The Glassy Lass. I am your hostess and proprietor JD Ratliff. I have been producing handmade jewelry for 15 years now. I started out like most people with a love of craft and a desire to make beautiful things. Every piece of jewelry I make is 100% unique and original.

I use only Sterling Silver for all of my Chain, Clasps, Hasps, and findings. I use only Swarovski Crystal for all my crystal work. Each and every piece of The Glassy Lass jewelry is made by me, at my desk, and by myself. You have my personal guarantee that you will love and treasure your piece as much as I did making them.

Best of all no matter how far you travel or how much you spend you will never see another person wearing the same piece of jewelry as you.

JD "The Glassy Lass"  Ratliff - Founder

 The Glassy Lass Sea Glass Story

I never wanted to be in The Sea Glass jewelry business but

What started out as wonderful wedding to the most wonderful man, in the most amazing tropical oasis you could imagine filled with dreams, wonders, and sites never before seen ended with an even better timeshare salesman and a crushing burden to pay the bill. Simply put, we bought into a time share we never should have.

Because we can’t sell or rent the time share it became a giant money pit for us until that one day my husband had one of those A-Ha moments screaming I know how we can make that #$%#% profitable…

A few weeks later and he his showing off is newest invention he calls a “Tumble Tube.” Basically Tumble Tubes can be filled with glass pieces and sunk to the bottom of the ocean. Then the natural currents of the ocean force sand and water over the glass. The tubes rest on a pivot allowing them to sway and stay aligned with the ocean currents. The tubes also rotate allowing the glass to shift positions for a more even smoothing effect.

And so we began collecting wine and liquor bottles, breaking them up and taking out the good pieces of glass. Once the glass was broken and separated, we shipped the glass pieces to pieces to friends on the island to hang onto for us until we got there. On our next excursion we had a big beach party, invited all our friends, and filled the Tumble Tubes with the glass. We then took the tubes out on the boat to the secret dive spot and sunk the tubes.

The next year, we came back with more glass and more beer for our friends. We filled new tubes collected the old tubes, sorted the glass, and shipped home the best pieces. All Sea Glass Jewelry pieces currently available on The Glassy Lass are from the hard work of all our friends who helped collect the bottles, sort the glass, drove the boat, and most importantly our local diver friends who know where to take us and how to get us back there.

Because we only sank only so much glass, once we run out there will be no more until next year!

Real - Fake - Cultured Sea Glass

  • Real Sea Glass starts out life as trash that was dumped into the ocean. Glass pieces then tumble along the bottom of the ocean until they end up on some rocky shore where they are pounded by surf and seas until some luck collector stumble across them
  • Fake Sea Glass starts out life as glass which is placed in a rock tumbler device with water and sand in an attempt to recreate the natural effect of the tides and oceans.
  • Cultured Sea Glass starts out life as glass bottles which are broken into pieces, placed into Tumble Tubes, and then sunk to the bottom of the ocean for at least 1 year. In that we designed and built the Tumble Tubes we are the only people able to offer truly "Cultured" Sea Glass.