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The Glassy Lass Sea Glass Jewelry FAQ

Here at The Glassy Lass we want you to be 100% confident in our sea glass, our jewelry, and our craftsmanship that we encourage any and all questions. Below I try to answer some of the most popular questions. If you have any questions not answered below please feel free to send me an e-mail at

JD Ratliff - Founder The Glassy Lass Sea Glass Jewelry and Designs

Q: [Is your sea glass real?]
A: [The answer is yes, no, and maybe. We start with glass pieces and sink them to the bottom of the ocean for 1 year in our propritary Tumble Tubes. We then collect the glass after Mother Nature has done her job. Beyond putting the glass in the ocean, waiting, and collecting the glass we use no mechanical tumblers in producing our glass. Some people would call this real sea glass. Some people call this fake sea glass.]

Q: [If your sea glass is not real and it is not fake, what is it?]
A: [The term we use to describe our sea glass is "Cultured Sea Glass."]

Q: [Isn't Cultured just a fancy way of saying fake?]
A: [When we thought of Cultured Sea Glass we thought in terms of Cultured Pearls. With cultured pearls oysters are seeded with particles to assure they produce a pearl. The pearls may not be naturally occuring but Cultured Pearls are as real a pearl as any other. Like the cultured pearl we seed the ocean with our glass and wait patiently while Mother Nature works her wonders. In the end we have naturally produced Sea Glass.]

Q: [What kind of chains and metals do you use in your Seal Glass Jewelry>]
A: [The only metal I use in all of my seal glass jewelry designs in Sterling Silver. The reason is because I hope my unique pieces of sea glass jewelry will be passed along for many generations... Silver plate wears off. But most importantly I charge for quality and when you pay for quality you deserve to get quality!]

Q: [What about the crystals?]
A: [When incorporating crystals and crystal beads in my sea glass necklace designs I use only Swarovski Crystals because I believe they are the very best! Yes there are cheaper crystals but none that rival Swarovski in terms of color, cut, and clarity. Again, if you are paying for quality you deserve to get quality.]

Q: [Do you accept returns?]
A: [While one of my creations has never before returned home I do want you to be 100% satisfied with your sea glass jewelry purchase. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied you can return your piece for any reason within 14 days.]

Q: [I spend a lot of time wandering beaches looking for sea glass. Do you ever buy other people's glass?]
A: [At this time no we do not buy sea glass. However if you need someone who can turn a special piece of glass you have found into a custom piece of sea glass jewelry, then this I can help with.]

Q: [Why do I have to go to Etsy to shop for your sea glass jewelry?]
A: [Because I didn't want to have to reinvent the wheel creating my own e-commerce solution. Etsy is safe, secure, and reliable. They have a great e-commerce system for accepting credit cards and PayPal. So it just seemed like the right choice.]

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