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As I get the pictures taken, this is where I will be highlighting various pieces and designs of my Sea Glass Jewelry. The Sea Glass Jewelry, Necklaces, Earrings, and Pendants that I display here are only a sample of my collection. To view my entire collection of Fine Sea Glass Jewelry or to make your purchase, please visit us at:  The Glassy Lass Etsy Shop

Tuscan Nights - Sea Glass Pendant with Sterling Silver & Swarovski Crystlal Necklace by The Glassy Lass Tuscan Nights Tranquil Skies Sea Glass Pendant and Necklace - Sterling Silver Chain with Swarovski Crystals by The Glassy Lass Tranquil Skies Pixies Frolic - Vibrant Green Sea Glass Pendant with Swarovski Crystlal Acents  & Hand Turned Sterling Silver Chain by Pixie Frolic
Inca Cavern - Black Sea Glass Pendant with Gemstones & Hand Turned Sterling Silver Chain by Inca Cavern Silver Realm - Sea Glass Pendant - Sterling Silver Byzantine Chain - Swarovski Crystal Accents by TheGlassyLass.comSilver Realm Atlants - Sea Glass Necklace by TheGlassyLass.comAtlantis
Blitz - A Bright Green Sea Glass Necklace Accented with Swarovski Crystal and Sterling SilverBlitz Stingray: Sea Glass Necklass with Sterling Silver Chain and Swarovski Crystal Accents by TheGlassyLass.comStingray Jubilee -Sea Glass Pendant w/ Sterling Silver Chain & Swarovski Crystal Accents by TheGlassyLass.comJubilee
The Raven - Black Sea Glass Pendant w Sterling Silver Chain. Agate Gemstone Accents by TheGlassyLass.comThe Raven The Abyss - Black Sea Glass Pendant w/ Sterling Silver Chain. Blood Red & Gold Swarovski Crystal Accents by The Abyss Rainbow Falls - Cobalt Blue Sea Glass Necklace w/ Sterling Silver Chain & Rainbow Swarovski Crystal Accents by TheGlassyLass.comRainbow Falls 
The Ice Queen - Frosted White Sea Glass - Sterling Silver Chain - Fire Swarovski Crystals by  Ice Queen Infinite: Cobalt Sea Glass - Rose Quartz Gemstones - Swarovski Crystal Accents - Sterling Silver Chain by Infinite Possibilities Escape: Sea Glass Pendant - Sterling Silver Chain - Swarovski Crystal Accent by Escape

By clicking on any image of my Sea Glass Jewelry, a new window with a full resolution and properly scaled image will open. Be sure to check back often for updates and new designs or follow us on Facebook at to be notified when any new Sea Glass Jewelry designs are added to our Etsy shop.

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