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Sea Glass Jewelry Links

Being a small family business we know we can not be al things to all clients all of the time. We also believe in helping others as we help ourselves. If you are a jewelry artist, designer, or other craftsperson and would like to exchange links we are glad to help and list you here.

Sea Glass Jewelers, Artists, and Craftspersons

    Nothing to do with sea glass. BottledVideo is a 100% Free Stock Footage agency run by close friends of ours. Since all of their stock video footage is free and really good, we had to include them on the list.
  • BeadingShop
    Also not Sea Glass Jewelry. BeadingShop is also run by good friends of mine who specialize in hand made Swarovski Crystal necklaces, earrings, and other amazing pieces. These are also the ladies who introduced me to Swarovski Crystals.
  • Deaver Brown - Con Man Extraordinaire
    If you ever find yourself approached by this Deaver Brown or his wife Christina Rago Brown wanting to get you into big store retailers... Read this first please.