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Sea Glass Necklace Designs with Sterling Silver and Swarovski Crystal Accents by

Handmade Sea Glass Jewelry Designs: Each piece of Sea Glass Jewelry from The Glassy Lass is as Unique and Distinctive as the Woman who wears them.

Women from all over the world seek out sea glass jewelry for many reasons. For some the desire for quality sea glass jewelry rests with the rich colors, frosted textures, and one of a kind shape. For other women it is the tranquility and rejuvenations from the “crystal” like powers they feel while wearing sea glass jewelry.

I myself enjoy the close sense of connection to the ocean and waves where ever I am. No matter what your reasons for seeking out fine sea glass jewelry, when you shop The Glassy Lass I can promise you uncompromising quality in out materials, our workmanship, and the uniqueness of our designs.

JD Ratliff – Founder

Handmade Sea Glass Jewelry in Sterling Silver by The Glassy Lass

Whether you are looking at our "Go Big or Go Home" collection of handmade sea glass necklaces or prefer the sizzle of our "Fire and Ice" collection of sea glass necklaces; every piece of Sea Glass jewelry is 100% Unique, Original, and Handmade in our studio. The Sea Glass jewelry we design can not be copied and it can not be recreated. If you see it and like it we encourage making your purchase. Once your piece is sold it is gone forever.

Real Sea Glass or Fake Sea Glass

  • The is one of those questions which is impossible to answer with out starting an argument and both sides would each agree they can not understand why there is and argument at all.
  • The short answer is we put the glass at the bottom of the ocean to let Mother Nature do her work. Then we go back 1 year later and collect the glass. Does this make our sea glass real or fake? We happily explain our process on our FAQ page and choose to let you decide for yourself.